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Introducing hot, new singing sensation, Super Teen Dream!! Comprised of Bobfile File, Vinnie Chulk, Kevin "Fo Shizzel" Cash, Creepy Eyes, and Josh Towers, S.T.D. will capture your heart with thier sensual new pop power ballad, "Girl, Let Me Steal Third(Please, Baby, Please)". In stores soon!


Bobfile File
January 26, 1977
When not staring at girls, wishing they'd look back, Bobfile can often be found alone.


Kevin "Fo' Shizzel" Cash
December 6, 1977
Nicknamed "Fo' Shizzel" for his smooth banter with the ladies, Kevin likes to kill deer in his spare time. When not shooting Gods creatures or in the studio, you can find Kevin at his part-time job, selling ice cream at Toronto's SkyDome.


Creepy Eyes
August 9, 1977
Born with a testicular eye issue, Creepy often takes his pain and transforms it into the deep soulfoul lyrics found on many S.T.D. tracks.


Vinnie Chulk
December 19, 1978
Forever keeping it real, Vinnies hobbies include break dancing and sleeping with his bandmates leftovers. He puts the "D" in S.T.D!


Josh Towers
February 26, 1977
Sick of his menial role in a Marshall Mathers tribute show, founding member, Josh, longed for his chance to shine. He came up with the mastermind idea, "Super Teen Dream", and the rest is history! His hobbies include shopping for sparkly sweaters, sporting cubic zirconia, and listening to country music.